Saturday, 23 February 2013

Tips : Muet Speaking

Let me copying...

1. Speak in English at Every Oppoturnity

Speak in English with your teachers and friends at school and speak in English with your parents and siblings at home. Grab any oppoturnity you have to speak in English.

Most Chinese native speakers are ashamed to speak in English because they think they cannot speak fluently compared to those English native speakers. In fact, the earlier you start to speak in English, the more fluent you can speak.

2.Think In English.

You might be suprised that thinking in English actually helps you in English. Try to think or think aloud in English. It helps since you do not have to worry about the spelling error.

Again, thinking in  English for non-English native speakers is sometimes very hard at the beginning. However, once you have started for a few days or weeks, you will get used to think in English.

Haha, thinking what ha?
Practice make perfect. By following these effective tips, you should be able to speak in English confidently in your Malaysia University English Test (MUET).

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