Saturday, 27 September 2014

many thing need to be reach in this life..
mybe too much..
& i cant

i could only pick smthg to be, to act, to make it done, even though it wont
brothel. i cant spent my time to learn everything.

When people make a joke about
young marriage
then it go to falsing > they blame Rasulullah - my beloved prophet..
The greatest prophet but I cant defend him
if  I know yr whole entity, remember all yr lovely story,
I will stand firmly and talk on yr behalf
but bcz i didn't know, i keep quiet and sit to adapt the speak
but never to accept that Rasulullah is the culprit
-who start marriage at young age by marrying Aisyah

I lose the word to defend you,
even i know the truth that you are not responsible for that
he is a good man
he never beat women
nice to child, to old man ,
great warrior
the best friends for the whole Madinah.
An honest farmer, sherperd and dealer..
Fair in his commerce
Never hold grudge to their enemy,
even his disloyal family members.

Aisyah is the only virgin he married.
that marriage is not a torture,
nor a conspiracy neither compulsion
but my words stumped with no conception
Rattle in oblivious tounge
My literacy stop within the history - dont know where to flow
i cant bring the truth.
that this whole world need to see,
Rasulullah - The best of mankind

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