Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Introvert battle #3 - The Power of Colour

I try to chose who i want to be, while the reality shaped me in some finite figure. So what to do? how to change?

I let my self to go through some changing trial, this time i put my believes on the power of color. While the color we like can describe ourselves, why not we try to like the color so we can lend it powers?

Im kind of 'let go' person, doesn't mind much about what happen around, and hardly to share an idea. That has retard my potential such as in job application. Block the incoming opportunity because of lack recognition and lessen your autonomy because people hardly to hear your voice.

Orange Bag- I start to think how can i break my dullness and become someone supportive without being a fake and awkward. Then I remember one of my friend who is very cheerful and passionate with everything. She love orange color very much and it suite with her character. So I start with my orange lappy bag.  Orange shirt, next orange scarf and its enough. I almost wear an orange watch, but Opps. I think thats to much. I tell you what, slowly people sense my appearance. The difference is because i start to talk, i have some confidence to go with people, and join them. Well orange is the color of spirit, you'll be called to compete and gather with people.

Well now im accidentally an orange person, i cant help my self with that.. But please, we are still who we are. Don't change who we are, just be a better version of ourself.

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